Sixthestate.net is a real estate blog that caters for the needs of real estate agents, buyers, and investment property owner. There is an art to the real estate business: whether you are buying, selling, or investing. Knowing what to do at what time can make all the difference. Our blog and communicate aims to deliver masterful tips that will guide your endeavors, as well as enlighten your real estate decisions.

Edwin Henry – the primary editor at Sixthestate.net – started this blog after buying a horrible real estate property in Model City, Miami. Henry was trapped in a busy job and entrusted most of the due diligence work to an unreliable agent. By the time he realized he had earned himself a raw deal, it was too late. Mr. Henry used this painful experience as a launching pad to start his own real estate brokerage business. Sixthestate.net serves as an online magazine where he can share useful tips with like-minded agents, as well as educate buyers to make better decisions.