How to find the best location to buy a house

Find out the future development of the neighborhood before relocating. Do some research about the city and choose the one that best matches your needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the right neighborhood when buying a home;

Local Business and Shopping

Visit the communities local chambers for information about the businesses taking place in the area and there representatives. Drive to the nearby stores and malls to find out what is happening. Check whether they are vacant or thriving with business. These local businesses are a great indication how the neighborhood state is. Contact the business people around and ask them there opinion on working in the community.


You can access the information on tax rates of different community on public. Browse the community’s website or call the local municipality to obtain the information you require. Best real estate agent should tell the current tax rates of the area. Tax rate vary in different communities. Check the tax pattern over the past several years it can help you predict the future.


The schools are important thing to consider when buying a home. Whether you have children or not schools have an impact on future sale or the development of the community.

You can ask the real estate agent to provide you with the information about the schools; you can call the district school main office and find out more about the schools. Most communities offer information on the website, you can directly take the information from there. The best and right information comes directly from the district. You can also get great information within a specific community of interest from 

Public Transportation

It is important to check the public transport when selecting a neighborhood. Visit the area during the peak hours. Make a drive around during morning rush hour. This will give you the daily average time to commute. Are the buses, rail lines, and buses within a convenient place? Homes with easy accessibility to transport have high prices than those without. Homes with high-frequency public are fared better than those without.

Consider your monthly budget

In the long run, your monthly expenses will determine whether you can afford the neighborhood. Property tax rates vary in different neighborhoods; they can be high in certain communities that that can cause a significant add in your monthly payments. Take a look at the past few years and check the change in the tax rates. Compare the tax rates with different neighborhoods; this will help you choose the place that you can budget for. Do some research on homeowners association fees. The fee can also affect the affordability of the neighborhood.

Watch out for red flags

When investing in a neighborhood, explore different areas that can affect the value the value of your house in the future when you decide to sell. Visit the neighborhood and see whether there is any construction taking place and might affect you. The construction can affect the future sale of your house positively or affect you day-to-day activities. If it is a new highway, you may consider dealing with increased traffic and construction noise. Check if the properties within the area are rapidly decreasing. Are there a good number of abandoned houses? These issues are not a good indicator; the neighborhood might be having low returns. A professional local real estate agent can help you with the information.

Recreation Activities

Make sure the recreational activities within the neighborhood fit your lifestyle. Check for nearby pools for kids and adults. If you love cycling, check for bike paths in the area. Look for a neighborhood that supports your leisure activities as much as possible. Check whether there are people walking on the sidewalks, sitting on their porches, walking there dogs, or children waling to school. This is a sign that the neighborhood is a great and safe community.

Crime rate

Check with the municipal police department website for previous history on crime rate in the neighborhood. Research for more information in the local newspaper. It is important to choose the right neighborhood when buying a home. The internet is also a good source for crime information. You can also check the police departments. They have information about specific neighborhoods, community policing, and crime prevention.

Homes sell quickly

Consult with a real estate agent, and compare the market analysis. Homes that sell out fast indicate signs of a good neighborhood with high demands. The agents will help you know how quick the homes are selling. A growing population, limited homes for sale, and employers moving to the neighborhood are good indication of a good neighborhood.

Great city services

Check whether the streets are well-maintained and paved, is the trash picked? Visit during the evening hours check whether the street lights are working and in a good condition. Are there vacant homes with cracked windows an overgrown weed? Look at the sidewalks and see if they are cracked.

Presence of Churches

Churches, mosques, and synagogues are a good sign of community strength, unity, and evidence that the people within are connected and invested.

Future Development

The future development of a community is very important. Research whether there are any discussions about expansion of schools, construction of new libraries, new community center, or malls between the municipality and the estate’s agents. Any information regarding future development is a positive impact on the resale of your home in the future.


Look for walking paths, sidewalks, or a busy road with good crosswalks; Walkability in the area that you want to live matters. Sidewalks provide a safer passage for the pedestrians. It matter when you need to walk your dog or kids to school, to the park or a nearby friend’s house within the neighborhood. Having a place that you can get to by foot can be a big benefit when picking a neighborhood if walkability is your life style. Parks, stores, trails, or public service should be within a walkable distance.

The Neighbors Themselves

When buying a home find out are your neighbors. Living in a lousy neighborhood can cause you problems when it comes to time to sell. Real estate agents can help you know whether or not there is a problem that can case resale problem. A friendly neighborhood will create a healthy environment for you to live in. You can check with the local depart police if the surrounding properties had have disturbance that may disturb you.


Check whether the neighborhood offers easy access to night life. Majority of the people love to experience city’s nightlife and wants a neighborhood with the life style. The neighborhood should have easy access to the bar which is safe without driving. Most of the buyers see it as an attraction.