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Knowing Your clients Lifestyle is Key

With about five millions homes sold every year in the United States alone, you can rest assured there are profits to be made in the real estate industry. From first time buyers to seasoned home owners looking for their dream home, many individuals are turning to real estate agents to help find their ideal home. While there are obviously many buyers, the market for real estate agents is however, saturated and very competitive. So what sets apart top real estate agents from others? The ability to adapt to their audience.Your ability to determine and apply your buyer’s needs to the homes you show and sell, is vital! We are here to discuss exactly how to so.

Know your clients lifestyle

Understanding your client’s current or desired lifestyle is instrumental to understanding which type of home they may enjoy best. This will also help you determine location, amenities, budget, and other factors we will discuss further. For example, when selling to a young and newly married first time buyer, a home featuring plenty of room for growing children may be exactly what they are searching for. Whereas, someone in their 60’s may be searching for a home to comfortably retire in.This individual may prefer a home with fewer stairs and downstairs bedrooms to accommodate their hybrid long-term care needs. If you were to fail to recognize these lifestyle differences you may lose time showing homes that do not accommodate their needs thus, costing you a sale and time. 

Your client’s lifestyle can also provide insights into their overall style. Someone who works from home may prefer a space with a home office and someone who works in interior design may be more focused on more modern finishes. Additionally, it is always important to discuss budget in order to determine which home would best meet their desired price point. Chances are even if a home meets all of their desired criteria, if the price point is way above their budget this home will not be the home for them. Understanding your client’s needs and overall lifestyle will be key to finding and selling homes faster and more effectively to each client. A better understanding will also improve each client’s overall client experience when working with you over other agents.